Pukuon Series VOL.2

2002 –

My body feels softly enveloped, or very intensely embraced at times, or almost crushed by the vibrations of the sound. In the real world, if we think of sound in terms of vibrations, then we can believe that vibrations continue to move, intertwine with various other vibrations, and move with a sense of volume. If this is the case, it can be said that we are living in the kind of circumstances that I perceive. It is not only the arms of other people that embrace us. The moment before someone hugs you, you are certainly being embraced by the vibrations of volume present. My perception of being enveloped by sound is constantly changing.

In the “Pukuon” series vol.2, the form of the artwork changes according to the sounds generated in the space by sensing the sound waves. Our bodies exist amid invisible vibrations that continually change the physical nature of the environment along with sounds.

I have been producing “Pukuon vol.2” since 2002, and in 2004, I produced it again for the “Exhibition Told from the Eyes.” Since the artwork exhibition space in the Yokoyama Memorial Manzu Museum had large concrete columns, I created a new arc-shaped wall in front of the columns.

Wall Production Collaboration: Atsushi Saga, 3rd-year student of Tokyo Zokei University, Faculty of Zokei, Department of Fine Arts, Comparative Molding Major, Progressive Molding Course
Equipment Collaboration: Nobuya Suzuki
Production Collaboration: IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences) and Yasunori Ikeda

June 2002Club event (Club Loop, Tokyo)
September 2002VSMM (Virtual Systems and MultiMedia) Society (Gyeongju City, South Korea)
July 2004Exhibition Told from the Eyes (Tokyo Zokei University Yokoyama Memorial Manzu Museum, Tokyo)