Sound Searching near the Domeki River

2015.9.20 -21 (Hijisai 2015 / Arround the Doumeki RIver / Mashiko town)

While strolling along the Domeki River with the participants, we listened carefully to the sounds that stirred there and collected (recorded) them. After the walk, we created a sound map connecting the participants’ memories through the workshop.
If you walk around the Saimyoji area while turning your attention to and listening to the sounds, you will start to see different scenery from the one you usually see. Things dropped on the footpath between the rice fields where you typically walk, and even bugs may spark your curiosity.
The act of listening to sound through a microphone may provide a chance for you to anchor yourself to a place that you know and are currently.

We used an iPhone as a recorder. We designed the workshop to allow the participants to concentrate on the workshop while considering safety issues by creating a fixed stand for their iPhones to make it easier for them to use, and using wireless headphones.