Memories and Recordings Swayed by the Wind – If you ride the wind in Hamamatsu 2020 May – August –

2020.08.22-30 11:00 – 19:30 Kamoe Art Center Hamamatsu, Room 104, Exhibition Space.

2020 Artist-in-residence Program at Kamoe Art Center Hamamatsu (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Organizer: Kamoe Art Center Hamamatsu (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

Memories and Recordings Swayed by the Wind – If you ride the wind in Hamamatsu 2020 May – August –

Documentary Camera & Edit : Yasunori Ikeda (BLUE LICHENES)
Sound Recording & Mixing, Mastering : Tomoko Ueyama

This movie is produced as binaural sound by editing audio recorded with a 360-degree spatial audio recording microphone. Please use headphones or earphones when listening to the video. You will be able to hear a sound space close to the actual exhibition space.

This work was created using sounds that I personally recorded at 53 locations in Hamamatsu City between late April and late August 2020.

At the time, activities were beginning to be restricted due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, so I recorded the sounds from the window of my apartment. There was a “faint sound” of something moving in various ways, far away, with no distinct features. As I listened to this faint sound through the speakers, I had an ambiguous feeling that I could not tell if it was a sound I had recorded in the past or a sound I heard from outside in the present.

Until then, I had always considered sounds with clear-cut features to be “good,” so this new experience puzzled me, but at the same time gave me the feeling that I was standing in the presence of a very precious moment.

For the sound installation, multiple speakers are set up in the exhibition space to play sounds that are recorded from the city. Over the recorded sound playing in the venue, the live sounds from the surroundings will be layered on top of it. The overlapping of unknown faint sounds and real sounds blurs the line between the past and present, and viewers create a new time and landscape of sound.

This work is like a “sound diary,” a soundscape or a fictional story told through sound without images. The sound of this sound installation reveals the real and dense landscape of the viewers, creating a new story and record for each viewer based on their own memories.

You can view information on 53 recording locations in Hamamatsu City on Google Maps.

These recorded audio files are available on SOUNDCLOUD. You are free to use these audio files.

This artwork is an installation work consisting of five works installed in the space.

Venue drawing