Ugome naderu, Ai no Sakebi♡ (Writhing Cry of Love)

August 1st-3rd, 2014 Ugome naderu, Ai no Sakebi♡ (Writhing Cry of Love) (Japan Showa Music Village Eguchi Yoshi Memorial Hall, Ogaki City)

Commissioned by the Ogaki City Board of Education and the Japan Showa Music Village, I planned and produced the Japan Showa Music Village’s “Ugome naderu, Ai no Sakebi♡ (Writhing Cry of Love)” summer event. I planned three aspects of the event: the sound installation, the live performance, and the sound workshop.
My goal was to create a place where people can get rid of their anger and frustration from their daily life and depressed moods by shouting, and then by listening carefully, they will be surrounded by surprise, love, and laughter.
I planned, produced, set up, and ran the workshop with Nagoya Zokei University’s Digital Media Design Course students.

August 1st (Friday) – 3rd (Saturday), 2014 10:00 – 16:00 Japan Showa Music Village Eguchi Yoshi Memorial Hall
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Sound Installation: The Suffocating Silence…
Sound Workshops: 1) Listening to Sounds in Different Ways! 2) Let’s Make Roaring Instruments and Whispering Instruments!
Live Event: Ugome naderu, Ai no Sakebi♡ (Writhing Cry of Love)

Live Performers:
Jun Tsutsui | Leader of the performing art group dracom, Director, Playwright, Actor
Murayama Hiroki | Singer-songwriter, Actor, DJ, Picture-story Showman, Cardboard Artist
Mimiz|The trio of Yoshihisa Suzuki, Kensuke Tobitani, Satoshi Fukushima, formed in 2002 at Gifu IAMAS

Planning: Tomoko Ueyama
Nagoya Zokei University Digital Media Design Course
Shizuka Aoyama, Marina Kokue, Daichi Sarai,
Koji Takimoto, Shinya Morisaki, Yasunori Ikeda
Organizer: Ogaki City Board of Education, Japan Showa Music Village