Playing with Popping, Rustling, and Airy Sounds

2019.2.11 (Ogaki City Suitopia Center, Ogaki City)

Let’s discover a tiny and beautiful sound made by the everyday material of “cushioning!”

When I first heard the beautiful small sound of these cushioning materials touching each other, I was thrilled on my own, thinking that I had discovered the secret of cushioning materials.
Because what I had thought was just a cushioning material had a very beautiful sound hidden in it. I began to wonder if it is not just cushioning materials that hide beautiful sounds.
This is a workshop to explore, create, and enjoy playing sounds that are waiting to be discovered in cushioning materials and other objects together with other participants.

We create various sounds through materials that we may not have paid much attention to in our daily lives. Participants made wind tubes (wind tunnels: tubes made of acrylic sheets to let the wind through) and as they held the materials in their hands to enjoy their different shapes and textures, and explored the differences in sound by modifying the size and shape of the cushioning materials. We placed various buffers afloat in the tube and listened to various very quiet and beautiful sounds.
In the second half of the workshop, we experimented with sounds in the miniature garden room prepared in the next room.

Organizer: Ogaki City Cultural Foundation
Subsidized by: National Institution for Youth Education “Children’s Dream Fund”