Online Sound Work shop “My sounds make me”

2020.12.26, 2021.01.09 FUJINOKUNI YELL ART PROJECT (Venue : Online, Zoom, Hamamatsu City)

Online Sound Workshop, Facilitator

Organizer: Art & Design Works, Online stage manager : Yuya Ito, Design: Ayaka Adachi, Art coordinator: Akiko Aoki

There are times when you can recognize a person just by the sound of their footsteps. Sometimes you can recognize a person by the way they breathe or by the subtle sounds they make when writing.
Using a handheld recorder and headphones, participants work in pairs to record the sounds they make and the sounds around them – sounds they would not normally pay attention to.
Then, using the sounds they collected, they create their own CG avatar, “Fluffy Sound Ball,” on the computer.

Openprecessing is a web site where you can code and execute p5.js and post your own work on the Web. We used a simple program in p5.js to visualize the sounds recorded by the participants.

You can see the participants’ works here.