While We Kiss The Sky

“While We Kiss The Sky” Movie original trailer

2014 –

I did the sound recording for the documentary film “While We Kiss The Sky” directed by Ayako Mogi and Werner Penzel

Shobu Gakuen is a facility for persons with mental disabilities located in Kagoshima Prefecture.
Shobu Gakuen’s activities in the management of its welfare program, which cannot be glossed over, pose various questions to those of us who live today.
In 73 minutes, it prompts viewers to re-examine themselves in asking what is normal and what is kindness.

Director, Screenplay, Photography: Ayako Mogi and Werner Penzel
Recording: Tomoko Ueyama and Ayako Mogi
Producers: Werner Penzel, Kumi Aizawa, Takashi Serizawa
Production: silent voice, werner penzel film production
Distribution: silent voice

July 2016Shibuya Theatre Image Forum (Tokyo)
July 2016Gardens Cinema (Kagoshima)
September 2016amyu atsugi Eiga.com Cinema (Kanagawa Prefecture)
November 2016Yokogawa Cinema (Hiroshima Prefecture)
November 2016Okayama Orient Museum (Okayama Prefecture)
November 2016Former Okayama City Uchisange Elementary School (Okayama Prefecture)
November 2016Cinematheque Takasaki (Gunma Prefecture)
November 2016Takada Sekaikan (Niigata Prefecture)
November 2016Nagoya Cinematheque (Aichi Prefecture)
November 2016Miyazaki Kinemakan (Miyazaki Prefecture)
December 2016Bunkyo University (Kanagawa Prefecture)