1999 –

“Watashi-chan” is an outfit that visualizes invisible sounds. When wearing “Watashi-chan,” some of the balloons attached to it inflates when there is sound around the wearer. It makes it possible to be aware of and see what sounds exist around the person. “Watashi-chan” acknowledges sounds that you would not normally notice, so it helps you get to know another side of yourself that you may not have noticed.

In Japanese, the word “Watashi” means “me.” The honorific “chan” is attached to a person’s name when referring to them in a friendly way. “Watashi-chan” recognizes sounds that you are unaware of and therefore teaches you about your other-self. That is why I called it “Watashi-chan,” which has the meaning of the other-self.。

February 2000IAMAS Graduation Exhibition (Sophia Hall, Gifu Prefecture)
February 2000electropti 1st Exhibition "For a Future Lost in Advance" (Aoyama Spiral Garden, Tokyo)
July 2000Exciting Digital Land (Ogaki City Information Studio, Gifu Prefecture)
September 2000Received Honorary Mention Award in the Interactive Art Category at the Ars Electronica 2000 (OK Center, Austria)
October 2000COMMUNICATION ART Exhibition (Pepper's Gallery, Tokyo)
October 2001I Sing the Body Electric Exhibition (IAMAS Gallery, Gifu Prefecture)
May 200213th Ishida Foundation Art Encouragement Award Commemorative Exhibition electropti showcase 2002 (International Design Centre Nagoya, Nagoya City)
September 2002New Town Art Town Exhibition (Throughout Sanyo Danchi, Okayama Prefecture)
August 2007Imakarada (It’s From Now)-IAMAS in Tokyo Exhibition (Spiral Garden, Tokyo)
October 2009Device Art Exhibition (Zagreb, Croatia)
March 2014"Move? Create! Digital KIDS 2014 (Kids Plaza Osaka 5F Hall, Osaka)