Encouraging Interference

2019.12.7-8 Sound Design Factory in Hamamatsu 2019 (Kamoe Art Center Hamamatsu, Hamamatsu City))

We blew a wind on the cushioning materials to hear the sound of the cushioning material itself.
A wonderful little sound can be heard from each cushioning material, each with a slightly different pitch. In this instance, electrical amplification, which is necessary to make small sounds audible, is not used for the sound. Therefore, if we want to hear the cushioning material’s sound louder, we need to increase the amount of cushioning material to make it louder.

The sounds created by applying movement (wind) to the materials interfere with each other and create sound again. The cushioning materials, which stand between two objects and serve as a “buffer” to mitigate friction or collision, interfere with each other. And as a result of the interference, it can be said that the space is buffered. Viewers appreciate and contemplate interference. The cushioning material transforms from being a “buffer” to an “interference,” and the viewer “interferes” with the work, transforming into a “buffer” for the space.

In this space, an invisible transformation of the meaning of “kansho” (interference) goes back and forth between the material and the viewer.